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How long will it take for $600 to accumulate to $2500,with the rate of 12% compounded semi annually?

our lesson is about finding the time in a compound interest problem. we need to present this to our math class... I tried the formula taught to us by ...

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Can I take 12 private in Maharashtra but I did my 10 in general maths?

I did my 10 in general mathematics.but 12 I want to take science( privately)in Maharashtra's board??

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A Math Question?

I have five kinds of bread, four kinds of cheese, four kinds of meat and two kinds of egg. How many different sandwich possibilities are there, each ...

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Math problems

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What is 5% of 40,000.00?

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You are selling tickets for the school musical.Student tickets cost $4 and adult tickets cost $

... sell 450 and collect many of each type of ticket you ...

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Need answers for American school exams in Algebra 1 and Business math?

I have all other courses completed and I am willing to switch answers

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What is 34,235,345 in word form?

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