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GEOMETRY HELP ASAP- Triangle Proofs?

Given:line JL is perpendicular to line MK and line ML is congruent to line LK. Prove: triangle JLM is congruent to triangle JLK

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In the relation defined by the equation y = 3x − 4, for all x > 0, y is a function of x because?

A) x cannot be negative. B) each value of y has a unique value of x. C) each value of x has a unique value of y. D) the graph of the ...

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Math problem?

if I want to buy a TV that is $50 dollars , and I borrowed $25 dollar from my mother and $25 dollars from my dad to buy the TV. I then owe $50 ...

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Math problems

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What is 5% of 40,000.00?

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Need answers for American school exams in Algebra 1 and Business math?

I have all other courses completed and I am willing to switch answers

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What is 34,235,345 in word form?

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You are selling tickets for the school musical.Student tickets cost $4 and adult tickets cost $

... sell 450 and collect many of each type of ticket you ...

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