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What is your opinion about Mental Health and what is some questions you have on Mental Health?

Refers to a wide range of mental health conditions; disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include ...

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Would it be okay for me to transfer after one semester?

I am a college freshman this year and have been at school over a month. I am completely miserable here. I have always dealt with mental health issues ...

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I suddenly have sociopathic tendencies at age 18. Am I a sociopath or is it something else?

So I am a 18 year old female, and I have been getting help for my mental health. I have been really anxious my whole life. I decided to get help ...

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Am I insane?

I'm a teen girl, I think I have depression and I know I have anxiety. I feel numb and sad for no reason all the time. sometimes I'm thenhappiest ...

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My mental health or future? What should I choose?

Should I stay at a high-pressure school that provides me with a chance of a golden future but will compromise my mental ...

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Not to be too detailed, I've been suffering from depression for about three years. This past month or so has been really bad. But in the weeks ilwere ...

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Google - My therapist wants me to consider a few days of mental health in-patient care. Has anyone?

My therapist wants me to consider a few days in-patient mental health ...

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me why every morning around 4am I suddenly get overly angry?

I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in the past but ...

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