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Retrieve messages from an Iphone4?

I have an Iphone 4 (I know I'm a dinosaur). I am trying to receive the last messages that I received from my father before he passed away. He ...

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Printer mind?

How does my Brother printer know when the cartridge needs replaced? I installed generic compatible replacement and i still get the message; ...

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Can people in a Skype group chat see messages in private conversations?

Like let's say someone starts a group and puts a few people in. Can they see messages that are put in the private conversation with other ...

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He said he really likes me, but he stopped texting me. It's been 2 days now without text messages.?

... :(? Please help! There is a guy I met a few months ago. We ...

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FaceBook Problem Please Help if You can (Read the Derails to Know More)?

Ok on facebook I can't comment, message, post links on my profile, upload photos, poke ...

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Why she is not replying to my messages??

i think she have a crush on me.she sends me mixed signal sometimes when she sees me.and we just end up in a formal talk ...

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How to fix downloaded jar are invalid in samsung champ?

first i was downloading games and then i install it and after that there is a message saying jar file is over max ...

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What should I do?

my facebook account have a lot of friends,so the facebook are sending me messages saying that they will block my facebook cause i got a lot of friends ! ...

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