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What type of an iguana should I get? What should I name it?

I’m saving my money to buy myself an iguana. I saw iguanas in Mexico in 2014 and since then, I’ve had a liking of iguanas. So what type ...

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What is the correct to call myself if my dad is Mexican born in Mexico my mother German born/USA?

I was also born in the USA am I hispanic or Mexican American?

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Help identify this mineral?

I live in central New Mexico. I found a lot of rocks within a hiking trail ive never seen before. Unfortanatley I don t have a picture, but they are ...

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What is the name of the platform used to carry religious statues in processions?

In Mexico and many other countries it is common to carry religious statues on a decorated ...

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What race/ethnicity am i?

I was born in mexico, but my parents were born in the USA. I am a citizen of both countries, so does that make me white or something else?

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Start up business, not sure where to start?

For the last year and half, my cousin and I have been entertaining the idea of starting our own business (online at first). My ...

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Can my Lumia phone still update in future if I take it to a different region?

I am visiting Mexico in 2 weeks and want to buy the Lumia 735 because its not available in ...

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Is San Diego part of Mexico?

Is San Diego also considered to be in Mexico?

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