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Hi everybody I am currently planning a roadtrip through Michigan. Can anybody give me some advice on what I need to plan? Best wishes

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When do your hours start to count as an electrical apprentice in Michigan?

Do they start when you enroll in an apprenticeship program or when you receive your first card?

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If I live in one state. but want to go to school in another one. What do I have to do?

Both towns are in the same county. But they are both in different states. I live in Wisconsin but want to go tot school in Michigan so i can go to ...

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I want to ask my guy friend to prom, but he goes to school in a different state. How should I ask?

He's in college. I know his friends on his hall so i could get ...

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My daughter wants to walk from Grand Haven Michigan (Via shoreline) to Ludington Michigan...1s?

1st? Is there enough shoreline? 2nd? How many miles is it (Via ...

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Okay I have this song stuck in my head. I just can't find the song title. It's from a local band in?

... michigan and the lyrics go " Keep your morals girl, you ...

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Food in michigan?

hello :) sorry for my bad english, i'm from germany. I have a few questions about food in michigan. What food is michigan famous for? What do they ...

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How old do you have to be to cook in michigan?

i want to bring in a 16 year old to cook

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