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MSNBC - Can N-95 face masks be sanitized for the COVID-19 virus, for reuse, by treating them with..

...any of the following? Microwave UV light X-ray Other irradiation?

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Popcorn can be cooked three different ways: using a microwave, an air popper, or on the stovetop.

Explain the transfer of thermal energy occurring in each situation?

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Can I heat milk in a steam oven?

i am buying a steam oven and do not want to buy a microwave which I currently only use for heating milk up for coffee. Can I heat milk up ...

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Microwaveable dinner problem need help quickly before it gets to cold?

If I have a film on, In a microwaveable dinner without any pierces or lifting of the film and I ...

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How do I bake polymer clay in a microwave?

Do I need to put it on some special surface? How long do I bake it? Is it even possible to bake polymer clay in a microwave? ...

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May I ask professionals for repair my new oven or should replace it?

Last Monday in my microwave, by mistake i put steel bowl to convection for 2 minutes. And it sparkles ...

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