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How can I get my basic training photos from Fort Sill, Oklahoma?

Is there any way to retrieve military training and enlistment photos?

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The question is: Can the Director not give you a raise because you receive a military retirement?

I was at a interview for a previous position and was called in to the HR Office. Once inside I was told that the position had a few changes and would ...

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Is there a way to detect military drones, spy planes or UAVs that can see through walls or use ther?

Also, by law, do citizens have to sue for these things to be gone, and would the higher-ups have no way of removing these technologies controlled by ...

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Why does the U.S. need a Marine Corps?

give me a plausible reason for your answers...

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Need to lose weight for the air force?

I'm 70 inches and 240 pounds. I need to get to 191 pounds to join the air force. I have 2 years but I want to work on it now. ...

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What time is it in military time?

The time in military time? I want to know this so badly cause my dad is in the military. He asked mom to ask me if I can identify what ...

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My husband and I are sperated. He's marine. Who can I call on the military base to make him pay up?

We've been seperated for about 2 mnths and he still hasn't ...

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