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This boy at my school looks at me like a lot?

and people know i like him he does minor and major things looks at me when im not looking i like him he's in my grade but does he like me ive ...

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"An agreement by a person who is not hereby declare d to competent to contract is void" however, at?

... common law a contract with a minor my be declared void, voidable or valid contract critically discuss the common law position and rationale and ...

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What to Expect: Mixing Viagra and Modafinil?

If I take modafinil and Viagra, what can I expect? I know there can be minor interaction and some side effects, but what are some of the positive ...

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How much is my iPod worth?

how much is a 2 year old 4 generation ipod touch worth? It has minor scratches on the back but in really good condition

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Any suggestions?

Hello everybody as an editor I have to republish a magazine but not before making minor modifications across the magazine. Any suggestions on how can I ...

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Google - Can I go to jail for argueing and cussing out my mother in law , I am a minor?

She said if I keep talking to her bad that she will call the police on me so I ...

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