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Which are common arguments against election of Judges as opposed to pointing them at the state leve?

1. The process is less Democratic than appointment because the state legislature has a say. 2. The Missouri plan prefers judges state their political ...

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Status of the states in1861?

in April 15 1861 was significant what conclusion can be made about this date. A) The united states had a new president. b) The drawn line by Missouri ...

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How to LEGALLY get a large knife through airport security?

I live in Missouri, I was visiting some family in Alaska during the summer, so naturally I came at the best ...

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How long does it take to drive from Alabama to Missouri?

I have agreed to help my parents out with moving, however, I'm nervous about the distance. I tend to get ...

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Section 8 and Divorce?

Hello, We live in Missouri. We were Divorced on 10/2010. But then we changed our mind & now I and my ex-wife living together. We take ...

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What special problems do you think teenagers have with growing up?

I am an international student in Saint Louis, Missouri and need help from people who have lived their ...

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