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What's the font for Lions Gate Home Entertainment's 2001 on-screen logo?

It's Bernhard Modern and what font?

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To what extent does the Von Thunen model of location apply in modern times?

I'm asking this question for a research paper I'm doing on the von thunen model

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Modern belt?

Hi everyone! Just interesting. Are chastity belts exists nowadays and if so why do people wear them?

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Where is the modern day proof that Yahweh is a living being. Tangible proof?

I dont want bible quoted as an answer, I can defend the historical and theological validity ...

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What is the most popular dental tool in one dental clinic?

Modern dentistry is one of booming field. As the development of dental technology, we can protect our from ...

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Why do we consider technology invasive? A) technology is so pervasive that we believe we cannot?

... live without it B) technology invades our personal thoughts C) ...

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There is a new song on the radio. It sounds old style, but yet is Rap/R&B. What is this?

It sounds like a 50's style but remixed modern.

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