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Teresa, Eric, and Bob served a total of orders Monday at the school cafeteria. Eric served times?

... as many orders as Bob. Teresa served fewer orders than Bob. How many orders did they each serve?

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If I sleep at 8 pm on a monday and I sleep at 8 pm again on tuesday isnt that 24 hours I was awake?

confused if you wait till 8 pm to sleep and the next day u sleep again at 8 pm isnt that 24 hrs you were awake?

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Health - What does an "area of low attenuation right cerebellum, could represent an area of infaract

... of indeterminate age" mean? They have me scheduled for an MRI on Monday, but Nobody will seem to tell me what they're thinking. I ...

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Hi I order stuff on tilly's on friday and it free shipping and its fedex smartpost so how long?

... will it take to get the stuff because i need it by monday night for ...

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How do you prepare for a big test for college? What supplies do I need to prepare?

so i have a huge test exam next monday and i need to prepare for it as soon as ...

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Does an alarm clock exist that allows you to set different alarms for different days?

Due to different work schedules I need an alarm for Monday that is different than ...

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Why do we have homework??

:L..I go to school till 3.15pm and every friday i get homework and i have other things to do on my weekend as it has to be back on monday so why ...

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