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Should I stop taken my antibotic when diarrhea starts in case of C. diff recurrent?

I have had C. diff twice, if not three times now, and now feels I am getting it again. I just started a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection ...

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So I just got a new job my first job and I am starting this Monday.The thing is in 2 weeks on...

...December 14th I have to be off for 1 week. What should I do? Will I get fired since already I need to take a week off?

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When do I inform a potential new employer of previous commitments? At interview or when job offer?

I'm currently going into an interview this Wednesday with the USPS for a Custodial Laborer job, the days I work are Monday and Tuesday, Thursday ...

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Hi I order stuff on tilly's on friday and it free shipping and its fedex smartpost so how long?

... will it take to get the stuff because i need it by monday night for ...

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How do you prepare for a big test for college? What supplies do I need to prepare?

so i have a huge test exam next monday and i need to prepare for it as soon as ...

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Does an alarm clock exist that allows you to set different alarms for different days?

Due to different work schedules I need an alarm for Monday that is different than ...

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Why do we have homework??

:L..I go to school till 3.15pm and every friday i get homework and i have other things to do on my weekend as it has to be back on monday so why ...

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