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I have a weird penny!?

The penny is half squished and I can't see the date. Was it just put in a penny presser wrong, or was it an error penny and is worth money? All ...

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Cashing check?

I have a check to cash but my ID expired on the 31st of March and it's April 2 . Is there a way to cash it? I need the money to renew my ID.

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Is 250$ a lot of money for a dog?

I found this dog on the internet and it is perfect! It's 250$ dollars though. Which I'm not sure if that's a lot of money ...

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Do companies in developing nations really need SEO for marketing?

There are a lot of marketing techniques but is SEO good one for various organization developing nations ...

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My sister is dating a guy who just came out of prison, he beats her and takes her money. She has a 5

... year old son. The Boyfriend hasn't abused my nephew yet ...

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How to earn money if your only a teenager?

Im currently 14 and im turning 15 but my parents don't let me somehow get a small job or earn money by doing chores. ...

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How can I earn money online ?

I have searched so many sites and all were asking for a premium membership. I just want a trusted and free site that help me to make money ...

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