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A farmer borrowed a loan of 20,000 from a bank and repaid the amount by paying 1875 per month for 12

... months. If he had borrowed 30,000, how much money he would have repaid to the bank with same rate of interest and same time period?‚Äč

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Which is better, car finance or loan?

Car finance and car loans are both ways to borrow money to buy a car. But there are differences in some key areas. Let us look at the merits of both ...

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What is Margin in Forex?

Margin is a term used in forex trading to refer to the amount of money that a trader needs to deposit with their broker in order to open a position. ...

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Is 250$ a lot of money for a dog?

I found this dog on the internet and it is perfect! It's 250$ dollars though. Which I'm not sure if that's a lot of money ...

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Do companies in developing nations really need SEO for marketing?

There are a lot of marketing techniques but is SEO good one for various organization developing nations ...

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How to earn money if your only a teenager?

Im currently 14 and im turning 15 but my parents don't let me somehow get a small job or earn money by doing chores. ...

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How can I earn money online ?

I have searched so many sites and all were asking for a premium membership. I just want a trusted and free site that help me to make money ...

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My sister is dating a guy who just came out of prison, he beats her and takes her money. She has a 5

... year old son. The Boyfriend hasn't abused my nephew yet ...

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