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NVIDIA Control Panel not detecting second monitor?

I have a GTX 1050 connected to my PC, and unfortunately, due to its single DVI port, and have had to change the BIOS so that one monitor is connected ...

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I'm getting $730 and I want to get a gaming computer and monitor. What type should I get?

Want to play games with mods and I need to know what all I need to get?

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Which stand should I purchase for my KRK Subwoofer?

The monitor is a krk 8s sub woofer and it is large, so I need something supportive, affordable, and reaching above 5 ft.

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Can you help me find the perfect fitness tracker?

I am looking into buying a fitness tracker and I am having trouble finding the right one. Here is what the tracker ...

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I am wondering if 27" is too big for a computer monitor or if a dual 23" display would be better?

I would like to know what would be better. I want to do a little photo ...

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What power transformer to use?

I would like to work with my PC 12v 1.6A monitor , on 120v grid. What transformer should I get, please? Thanks.

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Forgot login administrator password on broken laptop?

I am in big trouble. Okay so my old laptop screen is broken but I managed to use my desktop monitor as another ...

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Computers - Hi, my laptop minimizes games after about 30 seconds every time?

I do not have antivitus,dual monitor and unnecessary processes running or itunes and vuze ...

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