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A game like Minecraft but it’s 2D and you buy land instead of exploring it?

You buy land instead of exploring it and the different monsters and more things to interact with and i remember seeing a gameplay of the game

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A game like Minecraft but it’s 2D and you buy land instead of exploring it?

Plus more monsters and different types of land and more stuff to interact with.

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There was a snap back cap that I had that I told I was wondering if this reminds any of you of it?

So I had this dark blue snap back and from the top view it was all one dark blue colour but the bottom of the lip of the cap there was this monster ...

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What are drake's fans called?

Nicki Minaj has her barbies, Lady Gaga has her monsters and Jessie J has her heartbeats but what about drake?

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What to call my story?

I'm writing a short story about how someone's monster--depression--is overtaking them, continuing until the person finally decides to ...

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What did you think of the new Kristen Stewart movie “Underwater”?

I thought it was good. The monster though was HUGE!!!! What are your thoughts and would you ...

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Is the loch ness monster real or fake because Im researchiing and I want to find the truth?

nessie is a plesiosaurus which was a dinosaur that lived 65 million years ago ...

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Is there such thing as monsters?

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