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Who the heck remembers this show?

so I might be losing my mind but does anyone remember the show with the big monsters (I remember a pink singing/dancing one specifically), and they ...

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Geometry dash: if the monster in gd destroys your game, will your progress be saved?

Basically when you free the monster, he gets you to comlplete 3 levels and then use codes to break the vaults. Then he destroys gd. But will your ...

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What are drake's fans called?

Nicki Minaj has her barbies, Lady Gaga has her monsters and Jessie J has her heartbeats but what about drake?

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What to call my story?

I'm writing a short story about how someone's monster--depression--is overtaking them, continuing until the person finally decides to ...

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Is the loch ness monster real or fake because Im researchiing and I want to find the truth?

nessie is a plesiosaurus which was a dinosaur that lived 65 million years ago ...

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Is there such thing as monsters?

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