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What are the moral arguments against eating eggs?

There are many reasons why one might choose to not eat meat and they are well known (causes suffering to animals, isn't healthy etc.) and the ...

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According to insurance terminology which of the following is correct?

Lung cancer is a hazard whereas smoking is a peril Smoking is a hazard and lung cancer is a peril Lung cancer is a peril and smoking is a moral ...

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Why is being a virgin so bad?

America's general mentality is that if you plan on waiting until marriage you're some sort of prude or a loser that ...

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Why do gay rights trump religious morals ?

In the country many people are thumping/stumping for gay rights at the expense of certain people's morals. Why do the gay ...

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Ladies: which guy would you rather marry?

Guy A: PROS: Passionate Fun Charismatic Sexy Lot's of attraction and chemistry kind/great morals great dad intelligent ...

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What did Jesus put a lot of emphasis on?

Morals Money Obedience Training his disciples to take over after his death Loving each other

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