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Pain after urinating this morning. Never had this feeling before. Early 20s female?

I drink a ton of water daily. Always stay clean. Never had this pain before. It was almost a ache of discomfort, then went away. It continued ...

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Oatmeal stomach flu ok in the morning?

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Hi I need help ASAP. I had a two orphaned kittens and one of them came down with a respiratory?

... illness and passed away this morning. I have the other kitten now having issues with eating, he pushes the bottle away(he's around maybe ...

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How much does the morning after pill cost in South Africa?

I'm really not interested in conversions from other currencies based on prices overseas

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Creepy email - What should I do?

Ok so I got an email a couple of days ago at like 7:44 in the morning and it says that it's from Sarah, so I'm thinking Sarah ...

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Pregnant - I barely found out I was pregnat this morning should I tell my mom?

well it had all had happened at a party i had gone to last week on a fridey night so should ...

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Marks/symbols appearing on skin after astral projection?

This morning, i astral projected. After coming back to full body awareness, i had a hot shower. I dried myself ...

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