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Feel like I have to yawn all the time feeling in mouth?

this just happened this morning and I just have this constant urge to yawn and its really annoying, my sleeping pattern has been weird for a while ...

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Please help I think my bearded dragon is getting worse?

my sister woke me up this morning saying she heard a thud in my bearded dragon cage (i have 2 a 9 month old and a baby just got yesterday) i went in ...

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Treat Puffy Face in the Morning Quickly?

Are there any ways to quickly help reduce the amount puffiness in someone's face in about five minutes or so? Or at least any ways to help ...

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Pregnant - I barely found out I was pregnat this morning should I tell my mom?

well it had all had happened at a party i had gone to last week on a fridey night so should ...

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How much does the morning after pill cost in South Africa?

I'm really not interested in conversions from other currencies based on prices overseas

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I like this guy but I dont know him at all what should I do if I only see him in the morning?

also ever since i told my supposively best friend that i like him shes been ...

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How did singer Prince die?

I just heard today that Prince, a popular singer and songwriter of the 1980's, died this morning. He was 57, which nowadays is too young ...

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