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Trying to understand why Mizzou fans in KC, MO were denied coverage of a substantial game like MU...

...v Iowa State last week. It was broadcast in IA. Is it something contractual between college and media? Who decides when games are not covered? ...

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1. Who discovered the remains of the city and when?

2. Describe the site of the city's location and how this has changed over time. 3. Which building/area of the city described do you find the ...

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What movie?

hi guys, i am looking for a movie, of which i have only seen the trailer a few years ago. i believe it was released in the last few years, prob not ...

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How do I tell my family I'm an atheist?

i've been questioning religion myself for a few years. i finally watched "Bill Maher's" movie on religion and ...

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I really like this guy, but he hasn't had a gf since his mom died 2 years ago. Why is that?

Well I really like this guy, we have 2/6 classes together and both of our dads ...

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Can anyone help me?

I have a stepdad at home that hates me. I don't know what to do about it. And also, i have a real dad that i have known about my whole life that ...

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Why are we wasting gold by eating it?

Pure gold leaf has no flavor and almost no texture—once it’s in your mouth, it’s gone. Maybe it takes one bite. ...

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Music video of a guy falling past windows in slow mo?

trying to hunt down a video clip of a man falling from a building watching snippets of other people's lives ...

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