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Is there asbestos in Singer sewing machines? Model (291U3)?

Hi I am wondering whether if there is asbestos in old singer sewing machines Model 291U3? Is there any in the motor?Is there any in the electrical ...

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Explain how the number of muscles fibres innervated by a motor neuron impacts on movment?

Hi I am currently doing a university types of question and I don't know what should I say for this type of question? Thank you for your help guys

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What hydraulic valve do I need?

I have a 3 HP 8 gpm 2 stage pump I am trying to drive a 3 inch cylinder at 2500 psi and a hydraulic motor from same pump with a two spool valve set ...

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Can anti-gravity be created ? if yes how ?

through over rotation of conductors in motors . they lose some properties .in the same way can it get anti gravity properties ...

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How long would it take for a motor to raise a load into the air?

The problem is asking to find how long it will take to raise the load into the air with the given ...

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An induction motor:?

An induction motor: A) has no physical electrical connection to the rotor B) has no brushes C) has its rotor current induced by the rotating ...

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Methods of cooling liquid in small quantity?

Is there technology available to cool liquid (small quantity) without the use of a fridge/freezer, ice etc. Essentially, a ...

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