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What is the Manicure Services?

Manicures. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliating scrub or mask, hand massage and polish application.

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Why doesn't my nail polish stay on?

My nail polish comes off like, at the end of the day. Why doesn't it stay on?

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What vitamins do you take to strengthen your nails?

I have brittle nails, advise me vitamins to strengthen them

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Is it safe to mix two different brands of nail polish remover together?

I have these two nail polish removers, but theyre not made by the same people. both the bottles ...

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My nails r short I dont know if I should get gel/acrylics nails vitamins didnt help grow them?

they grow n end up breaking i want long healthy nails

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Do you think I have OCD?

So I do some compulsive rituals (like neck clicking, nail biting and ??putting my hair behind my ears??) until it feels "right", which ...

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