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How do I encourage a friend when they’re down? Idk how to cheer him up though?

He keeps on saying negative and mean words about himself and I really dont know how to cheer him up instead I got mad because of him- acting like ...

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Is it an eating disorder or just part of my mental illness?

If I go through phases where I starve/restrict myself because I want attention or I want to be skinny for the negative attention? I used to harm ...

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Google - Ok so my period is 34 days late and I've taken tests and they say negative. My boobs have?

... been over sensitive lately and I've shown a few other ...

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I missed my period last month. Imy pregancy test is negative . but my breast is leaking breast milk?

I missed my period last month but I took a pregancy test and it ...

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10 days late for my period and negative pregnancy test at 8 days late?

I took a pregnancy test at 8 days late after my period, but had a negative pregnancy test. I'm ...

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Can anyone help me? Please?

I'm 19 and have a 15 year old girlfriend, please don't give me any negative comments about the age difference, I've heard it ...

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Why do people get annoyed by happy attitude?

I try to stay positive and always look for the good things in life. I stay away from negative behaviors and avoid negative ...

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