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Excel - I use a spreadsheet to keep track of people I am working with. When I first started using?

... it, the names would populate alphabetically by first name. those have stayed alphabetical. Now, new names are not going in alphabetically, ...

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Can you throw a rock diagonally in curling? It seems it would be beneficial but no one does it?

Been watching during the Olympics. I am a new curling fan and do not understand why they would curl a shot when the diagonal shot would be better?

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I am wanting a new car but I have already financed the one I have now?

My current car I owe 27k and it’s worth about 22k. How would I go about getting a new one? Lease the next or finance? I know if I was to buy a ...

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Me and my girl friend run out of things to say when texting...?

me and my girlfriend text A LOT and we both want to keep talking but we don't have any thing to say ...

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Unique character names for a story?

I am a young writer and I like to have a list of names to choose from from when I am starting a new story. I like names that are ...

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