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I've been looking at "Swaggy P" aka Nick Young's hair I know he's not mixed so any suggestions?

It looks like a perm so should I do that and cut it or?

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Anyone speak Creole?

In a 2007 movie called Solstice, there is a scene around 50 minutes in involving a ritual in water, and the subtitles only say "Nick speaking ...

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What kind of music is on the nick jr celebrates vhs and dvd trailer on youtube?

step 1 go on step 2 type in ...

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Where to find a invader zim gir jacket with ears?

green jacket that have ears on hood and a character named gir on invader zim(show that was canceled on nick)

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What should I watch?

Should I watch Disney channel or nick or Cartoon Network? I like al of them but I can't choose. Which one should I watch? Which one do you like ...

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What's a good nickname for my bf his name is Tyson?

My bf wants to give each other nick names but I am stumped so plz help

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Boys only?

I'm a girl and I'm in grade 8 I'm really skinny grey eyes 100 lbs 5'7 feet tall and I have a crush named nick I love him and I've ...

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What do guys like?

k so I'm not saying how old I am because you will judge but I know this cute guy named nick and I have the biggest crush on him. he is my age only ...

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