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Why would a nurse/ doctor tell a patient they're going to remove my tattoo without consulting me...

...or anyone else first? I still have it. I had to tell them no but I am confused as to why they asked in the first place?

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Can anyone help?

I’ve been a nurse for 10 years and am desperate to leave. I get nothing out of it and feel like I’m wasting my self. I worked up to a ...

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Is a nurse who isn't working suppose to renew her PIN in Ghana?

I am a nurse who hasn't gotten a job yet but have my licence with me, am i suppose to renew the licence even though i haven't gotten a job ...

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Mike is interested in becoming a nurse because he enjoys caring for and helping others. When he?

... shares his plans with his friends, they laugh at him and call him a ...

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How do I tell my mum I want to go on the pill?

so my school nurse has said i should go on the pill but i'm only 14 so i don't know how to tell my mum, any ...

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Should I confront her?

One of my very good friends has recently become a Nurse. Since being employed at hospital she has changed. She constantly goes on about ...

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School - Okay so I have to write a journal for 11 days and pretended I was in world war 1. I have?

... to make up a name. I can be a nurse, political leader, solder, ...

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Research articles on depression in nurses?

Hi Just wondering if anyone knows where to find good free research articles or information on nurses with depression? I have ...

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