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What did Trump say about Obama's foreign policy ? (2016)?

what did Trump say about Obama's forEign policy in 2016

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MSNBC - Who signs off on interim security clearances in the Trump Whitehouse? Who signed off on...

...interim security clearances in the Obama Whitehouse?

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Do you think Obama is a good president?

I want to see how many people think that Obama is a good president.

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Who will win the American Presidency in 2012?

Obama or Romney ?

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I just watched a video on youtube with Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama admitted that Barack Obama's home country is Kenya. The title of the video is "Michelle ...

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What does Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have to say about dealing with Iran?

I am working on a project, my topic is about Iran and what the candidates think about it. What ...

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Is Barack Obama in the KuKlucksKlan?

I saw a picture of him when I looked up kuklucksklan

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