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Could someone with Gonorrhea be cured if they took only the 7day oral medication but did not get the

My boyfriend tested positive for Gonorrhea, He received a butt injection and also oral antibiotics. They prescribed an extra bottle of oral ...

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I had a recent minor oral surgery to remove gum tissue due to a cavity but there's still some...

..tissue left on my tooth. What do I do? (It's been 5 days since the surgery).

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Is it normal for a guy to want to understand sexual things from a woman's point of view?

I am happily married. I have asked her if she would let me cum in her mouth ...

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Jack The Ripper - What does ''The canonical Five'' mean? Urgent!?

Alright, so I got an English oral exam coming up, and I picked the theme ''Mysteries, ...

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I want to know about tobacco use and sex - specifically is it dangerous for a non smoker (woman) to?

... have sex regualrly with a smoker - given that nicotine and tar ...

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What is the origin of the oral legend about the "triangle of black magic" ?

Hello, here and there on the net can be found this oral legend : the cities of Turin, Lyon ...

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