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A body of mass 12.0kg is placed on an orange tree 20.0m above the ground. i. Calculate its?

... potential energy with respact to the ground. ii. If the body is released from this height, what will be its kinetic energy just before it hits ...

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What is the name of candy from the 90's, Flip Flops?

This particular candy came in a rectangular box, and each candy was circular with 2 flavor sides, like blue/red and yellow/orange, I think it was ...

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What can I wear with a bright orange skirt?

I have this bright orange skirt I got from a friend. It was a gift and, in theory, I really like the skirt - it’s a good length, flattering, ...

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What does this problem mean? (It is for math)?

At the grocery store, you bought a pack of gum for seventy-nine cents, a chunk of cheese for a dollar and eighty-five ...

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School - In a bowl of fruit all but six are bananas,all but six are apples,all but six are?

... oranges,and all but six are pears. How many pieces of fruit are in the ...

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Is there such a color as squirrel orange?

A type of color called squirrel orange?

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Mathematics - In asurvey of 400 students 100 were listed as taking orange juice 150 students taking?

... apple juice and 75 were listed as taking both juice find how ...

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