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A organic compound X (C4H4O) gives 24 DNP test, but does not reduce fehlig solution. The compound?

... when passed through red hot cu it form Y(C4H11O). When Y on treatment with concentrated with H2SO4 it form Z(C4H4). Z on treatment with HBr form ...

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How does organic matter(%)mixed with soil mixture have an affect on the mean hydraulic conductivity?

i am doing a lab where we measure the hydraulic conductivity of certain soil mixture with various percentages of water. we did 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, ...

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Are all the ingredients in Pure Synergy Organic Superfood 5.0 oz Powder safe for guinea pigs?

I wanted to use a supplement other then the only guinea pig vitamin c drops out there, and wanted to insure for sure that what he was getting for ...

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What is the Organic search engine optimization?

Can you someone explain techniques of organic search?

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How to get traffic on website?

How to get traffic on website something that is organic traffic.

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What is Organic lawncare?

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