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Are the compounds ubiquinol suxchinate, acetate or butirate stable in air?

ubiquinol is highly unstable in air, so I wondered if attaching an organic acid to form an ester would protect it from oxidation

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How to prove that a certain literary text has organic unity?

organic unity is very important in any literary text, but how can one prove that a certain text has organic unity? Please explain with examples to ...

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What is the reaction and general mechanism involved in Baeyer's tesr, Bromine test, and?

... Nitration?? this involves with the classification test for hydrocarbons in organic chemistry

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Organic Traffic?

Hello I want to create Organic Traffic for my website, how to crate.? If anybody some ideas so please share with me here. Thanks

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When local food is used in school meals, what happens during the holidays?

If local suppliers receive increased demand during the school year and they start investing so ...

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Plz I need answers to these questions?

1-“A offers B to sell 1000 organic eggs for $350. B, accepts this offer. The delivery should take place on August 9, 2012. On ...

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Science Question on Carbohydrates?

Student Guide Lesson 14: Review Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are a group of organic compounds that contain carbon, hydrogen, and ...

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