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Tree - I have bought an acacia pravissima this spring- ovens wattle, I know it has to be at least...

... 3 years old before it flowers - but I have no idea what age it is now at about 3 feet tall? Just last month there was new growth of 6". Any ...

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How do you get rid of the smell of 'molten refrigerator'?

We just bought a new oven. The guy in the store told us we could just put it on our refrigerator. Guess that ...

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Can I heat milk in a steam oven?

i am buying a steam oven and do not want to buy a microwave which I currently only use for heating milk up for coffee. Can I heat milk up ...

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Oven leaking CO2?

I realized a couple hours after making dinner that my oven was not turned all the way off, I had turned the dial so that it was set between Off and the ...

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Why do I have an aftertaste of vomit lately after eating oven baked chicken?

I've noticed that in the last few months I've associated the aftertaste of baked ...

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