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The owner of small shop the street sold me --------- loves of bread?

A)much B)two C)little D)a great deal of

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How can Metlife provide customer service for Brighthouse since they are separate companies?

Legal copy of life ins. policy would be at Brighthouse. Metlife customer service would only see online copy of policy. Policy owner can access that ...

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First Time Dog Owner?

I've finally convinced my Mom to let me own my very first dog but I'm having some trouble finding the right dog breed. I suppose I'm ...

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Fashion show... help!!?

one day my mom asked me to be a model to walk on the red carpet because she is the owner of a fashion show.i am so confused because the date is ...

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Gave away my cat, cat is not interacting with new owner, what can she do?

I recently gave away my cat in trade for a dog. Now my former cat is not interacting with its ...

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Dog bite?

What happens to a home & pet owner when the pet dog bites a ffriend that was in the house when the friend put her hand in or by its mouth when it is chewing ...

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