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Anyone knows about "Silicone key pad accessory vision inspection machine" ?

One of my friend is thinking to build a industry and searching for some machines. We've searched on the Internet and founded this machine, will ...

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I have a Wacom Intuos and the pen is working but the buttons (on my pen and pad) are not reacting?

The pen is not reacting to the double click that should zoom in but is not working. It is not just the pen but the tablet it self (buttons). I can ...

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Is it normal for an 11 year old to get her period?

Im 11 and I just got my period. Everybody got it in 4th grade exept me. Is it normal the that I was the last girl in ...

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I accidently flushed a rolled up maxi pad down the toilet it clogged up at first but got it to push through with a plunger. ...

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So, I just got my period and I'm freaking out, Im 11 and w/out my mom, and can somebody help me?

so I'm so confused. I'm at my dads house so i don't know ...

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Girls only!!!! How many times should I change my pad?

I just got my period a month ago and I'm wondering how many times you should change your pad. Well I change my ...

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I dont know if this is okay?

So I have my period and im at my dads so i only have emergency pads and only 2 of flow is REALLY heavy....So i didn't know ...

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