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Use the following questions to state how you, your children, and your family are changing as a?

... result of attending the Nurturing Parenting Classes. Focus on Attitudes, behaviors and interactions that you noticed have changed in a ...

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Parenting rules for my teenage lesbian daughter?

I am a single father of a 14 year old "out" high school teenage girl. I am perplexed as to how to apply traditional model ...

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When does human life begin?

Hi I am doing a project on Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice attitudes. I need people to please answer the following question with either A, B, or C. ...

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How can I convert my teenage son?

My 15 year old son supports communism and is an atheist. I will not stand for this, since he was born into a completely democratic and ...

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What is teen parenting?

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LGBT community, do people impose gender roles on to you and your partner?

I am interested in peoples experience in LGBT marriages/partnerships of being assigned ...

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