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Algebra II Distance/Rate/Time Problem= Please Help!!?

A freight train takes 4.5 hours longer to make a 420-mile journey than a passenger train. If the passenger train averages 30 mph faster than the ...

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Who gets sued in a car accident?

My mom said that if I get in a car accident, my passengers can sue my insurance company if they get hurt. I said that they wouldn't ...

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I was trying to remember the song that went with this music video?

I was trying to remember the music that went with this music video. It was indie rock, similar to ...

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Why are some people so good at something that doesn't exist? We drive while talking to passengers, in fact driving is an excellent way to prove that ...

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What do I do?

I just saw a low-flying passenger plane flying very erratically. It wasn't ridiculously low, but too low and loud for normal things in my area. BWI is ...

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