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I'm going to kill my self what should I do to prepare?

I live in Canada and The Maid program opens to people with mental illness. I what to know what should i do to prepare for my passing.

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Problem - I live in a small town. I have noticed cars behind me will turn their high beams on?

while directly behind me. However, When passing a car headed in the opposite direction they turn them off. Why is this happening repeatedly? It ...

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Im in year 11 ATAR and I'm literally not passing anything. what are my options for next year??

as some of you may know the school year end is approaching really fast. I'm in year 11 this year and have had a lot of personal issues that have ...

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Problem: write the equation of the line (in slope-intercept form) passing through (4,6) and?

... intersecting the y-axis at 17. How would you work this problem?

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Why do men cough or clear their throat when they see a women pass by?

i've noticed men do this when they see a girl passing by and even me sometimes, why is this? ...

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Which is a better for passing time? Tetris ,Rotmg, Minecraft, Undertale, or terria?

I need to pass time for about 5 hours, whch game goes best?

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Google - Does he like me?

... I like this guy and ive caught him looking at me and he always makes an effort to say hi even if we're just passing. He compliments me ...

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Should I get my dog Taxidermied?

I'm not sure when my dog could go. She is old and losing it so it could be any day. She is my baby and I am attached to her like ...

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