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What is AdDlow69FA171A-CCEC-4496-98FA-BC827C72CFD2?

I got a message from Rewards boosting paypal $750 when I opened I sow Adflow69FA171A-CCEC-4496-98FA-BC827C72CFD2 what is it?

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PayPal money transfer not gone through!!?

Help!! My customer sent me $100. My PayPal still has 98 cents. He just created his Paypal account and linked his credit card, I though it might have ...

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Payment issues with ebay and paypal?

I am a seller on ebay and have not yet received my payment. me and the buyer are in contact and the buyer says that the payment went ...

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I wanna buy Zynga Poker Chips!!! FACEBOOK GAME?

anyone can sell chips to me with the cheapest price??? THANKS SO MUCH!!! (paypal payment)

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Can someone help me with Bitcoin?

Ok so I have a few questions: 1st Can I withdraw the bitcoin money via PayPal and get it in physical format? 2nd How much time is it ...

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I want to buy a friend in Canada pizza, only have VISA gift cards, how do I buy her pizza?

In short, this friend won a bet and I've got to buy her pizza. I ...

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Tax On Donations?

Does a person who receives a donation have to pay a tax on it? For example, if you have seen Breaking Bad, Walter's son sets up a website and ...

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