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Under what circumstances, men are prone to chronic prostatitis?

After a sexual life, my husband said that his penis had a strong burning sensation, which led to his lack of interest in sexual life. Is there any ...

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Peeing blood?

I fell and hit the spot between my testicles and butt and started peeing orangish and stings a bit will I be okay?

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My foreskin is attatched to my glans and I am 13, should I be worried?

It stops the glans from coming all the way out, and please say If I should tell my parents or doctor

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I am 20 year old girl and my stepdad is 40 but he keeps showing me his penis. Is this normal?

And some times he will jerk off in front of me. Should this turn me on to ...

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Hi I'm 13 and my penis erect is 5 & 12/16 inches is this average, above average or below please help

I'm just nervouse because i havent gone through a lot of puberty ...

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Am I pregnate?!?

Hi. I'm 16. Last night I was with a guy friend and we were haniging out but it got intimate and we kinda got naked and ya. His penis did not enter ...

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