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Why facebook suggest me to add people that they are from other country?

i dont know any of em,not even a mutual friend or job either i liked a page so that might could happen, my page is just one week old! whats going on?

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Would you buy a ready to go handmade gift package?

I have a business idea that is to create handmade packages toolkits for people. Meaning I prepare small gift insides eg. ...

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Why do people bully me?

I'm bullied in school, I don't know why. I'm not that like dorky or stupid. I'm pretty except I have a huge nose. But ...

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Why do people still bother with science when religion is obviously right ?

Why do you not believe in God ? How can you even dream of getting away with that kind of ...

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I am 13 years old and I have a 250 page book. should I publish it?

i am kindof afraid of what my mother or people think of it. I don't want people to compare it to ...

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Why do people feel shy?

I think i feel shy or uncomfortable, i dont know myself. Whenever there is a girl near me i feel uncomfortable. Can somebody tell me wat is matter ...

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Do you like Hannah Montana?

I want to see how many people like Hannah Montana.

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