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1. Calculate Percentage of Prime Cost Production Overhead=Rs. 15,000 Prime Cost = Rs?

... 60,000 2. Calculate Direct Material Cost Direct Material= Rs 80,000 Production Overheads= Rs 40,000 3. Calculate percentage on Direct Wages ...

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How much bigger are raster files I comparison to vector files? (like what percent)?

I know that raster files are and tend to be bigger than vector ones, but for this infographic, I have to make, I need percentages so its exact fact ...

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How much percentage did Newton used his brain?

I would like know about the brain percentage used by Isaac Newton?

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A tank is filled 10%in one hour and 8%of the water is emptied in the next hour.If it is repeated?

... again ,find the percentage of the tank filled with water

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Grade 6 Math-Percentage homework help.... Thank you?

If 25% of the boys left the computer club, the ratio of the number of boys who remained to the number of girls would ...

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