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Can you help me find a picture?

Not one single picture, but a very particular style of photo. I'm looking for a photo that has a very specific look to it. Taken from the ...

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How will the rational analytical perspective or the deviance model hold the Mexican government...

...Responsible for the problem of drugs within its own borders? - explain!! Be sure to define both the deviance model and the rational perspective.

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Are the things I am describing normal in a relationship? I have been engaged to a physici for 4 1/2?

Below are questions I have for others so they can give there perspective on the events below. I have been engaged to a female physician and am ...

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Google - Will I be assaulted if I wear a tartan kilt in America?

Will I be assaulted if I wear a tartan kilt in America? To put this in to perspective, I am a disabled ...

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If you are not passionately in love with someone, is it wrong to maintain the relationship?

I guess love is complicated. There are many kinds. I was just wondering ...

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What are the probable misconceptions of Christianity?

A lot of people have different views, opinions and even perspectives towards Christianity. In fact, there are so ...

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Whats the different perspectives in the poem ''road not taken''?

And how it helps me understand the poem?

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