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Should I rather learn guitar first or piano first?

I remember a long time ago I had a drum with drum sticks. I played with my drum, but I never liked it. Then next was guitars, I was really into them. ...

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Conover Cable baby grand price question?

We recently found a baby grand piano at a storage auction. We purchased the storage unit at a bid of $500. We are wondering what it might be worth. ...

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I’m looking for a song!?

I have heard this song on the radio maybe three times in the last two weeks (February-March 2018). It has a piano in the background and it starts out ...

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I forgot this song?

there is a guy in a room playing piano with a bunch of toys around the room

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Hie people. Im 21 and I teach this girl piano. The problem is that she is shy. One time I asked her?

... if she was enjoying what she was learning and she told me ...

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Schools - Am I considered clever / talented? Out of 15 subjects I got 5/6 A*s and 4 b's while the?

... rest are A's. I play the piano and flute, I can write ...

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Whats the song name in the History channel world war II advertisement ? I hear only piano?

world war II, piano, gloomy, History channel

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I want to be my friend's accompaniest on piano for a talent show but Im scared to ask her?

Okay, so my friend here wants to audition for the talent show this year. ...

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