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Mrs. MacNugget wants to make pumpkin pie for her and her husband for Thanksgiving. The problem is?

... she has a recipe that would make 4 pies with 3 1/2 cups of flour. She only needs to make 1 pie. How much flour will she need for 1 pie?

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If Chicken Pot Pies are warmed up in Aluminum foil, in the microwave, why not anything?

I was about to warm up an actual pie, in the microwave, a family member said, "Now, you know you can't warm that up in that, you can't ...

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Plz help me?

i want to earn money lik any thf..... bt i dnt no, hw to do earn... bcoz i dnt have single pie.... n i m enough studied............. so plz help me.... i m ...

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Why is cheese cake called cheesecake?

Shouldnt it be cheese pie??

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SSN Number over the phone?

I recently applied for a Discover card with a paper that was sent to me in the mail. I gave them my first name, last name, SSN, and other ...

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What's your favorite pie?

What's your favorite type of pie?

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Ideas for an apple pie commercial?

hi. i was wondering if anyone could help me on this. my math class began a project on business advertising and selling products. my ...

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