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Risks/benefits of daith piercings?

I am considering getting a daith piercing and I’ve done a lot of research but I was wondering if anyone who has one or two can tell me more. I ...

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My nose hoop is stuck in my nose. The little gap is stuck in the hole and when I try to move it...

...the piercing has made another hole and is now bleeding and getting infected. I’ve tried soaking and cleaning it then moving it. I’ve ...

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I just wanted to apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes as English is not my mother tongue.

...language). I got my conch piercing today. It's obvious that a person would feel pain after getting it, but I feel pain in weird areas such ...

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Boogers stuck to L shaped nose ring, help??!!?

A bit detailed & gross but I have some small booger crust (kinda gooey) wrapped around the bent part of my L shaped ...

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Where to buy cheap body jewelry online?

Cheap, good quality, fast delivery and some choice. As it was on piercedfish.com. Who can suggest some sites for finding petty ...

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How do I clean dry blood off my belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced yesterday with my friend. When i walked back home i seen so much blood. I get that its okay to ...

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Upper ear piercing, second lower ear piercing, or none? Help!?

Hi there, So, I'm a girl who already has a piercing in each ear in the standard spot, smack dab in ...

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