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If I have a Mexican Pilot Diploma, I can work in USA as a Pilot with it?

I want to know because due to family problems I have to go back to Mexico so this means that I am going to continue my Education in Mexico

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An airplane pilot fell 370 m after jumping from an aircraft without his parachute opening.

An airplane landed in a snowbank, creating a crater 1.1 m deep, but survived with only minor injuries. Assuming the pilot’s mass was 88 kg and ...

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Why are tv shows getting dumber and dumber?

i think they are literally running out of ideas. i know it's not easy to make a new show. i've tried writing a pilot ...

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What do you think the cause of Kobe Bryant’s death was?

I read on a newspaper that perhaps the pilot was disoriented by the fog. And I don’t get why the pilot was ...

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I had a dream I was in a plane crash with my crush?

Last night I had a dream I was on a plane. For some reason, I was allowed to sit in the cockpit with the pilots, and ...

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What was the song at the start of the pilot of friends with benefits the series?

I was wondering if any of you knew what the name of the song at the very beginning of the ...

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Is it true that flight attendants must sleep with pilots??

Hi. My fiancée is a flight attendant( chief purser) having this relationship for 2 years and we both ...

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