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If the magnification of the plant cell in the diagram is 80×, what is its actual length? Describe?

... the steps in calculating amplification. Cell height - 2,5

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What was Jesus' crown made of?

Various plants have been proposed as the source of the crown of thorns the New Testament says was placed on Christ's head in the lead-up to the ...

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What is is is buttery vegan?

For some people, one of the biggest changes to making the transition to a plant-based diet is the loss of butter. The creamy and spreadable spread is ...

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Is Chlorophyll found in a plant cell or an animal cell?

This is a question for a work sample for my homeschooling and it said I could research it up if I needed it and I ...

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What is hemp and why should marijuana be legalised for it?

hemp is like the leftover from marijuana plant right? then why should marijuana be legalised for it?

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Question: Which color light is best for plants? Hypothesis: If plants are placed under red?

... light, then they should grow faster and better. Set up: There are ...

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Plants are living things right..but why as a vegetarian eat vegetables?It also a living thing?

A non-vege is eating by kill other living things.A vegetarian eating ...

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