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A salesman is paid a basic salary of sh 12000 plus a commission of 3% on sales above sh 50000.. much money did she earn in a month she sold goods worth sh 750000?

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A game like Minecraft but it’s 2D and you buy land instead of exploring it?

Plus more monsters and different types of land and more stuff to interact with.

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Can you suggest me some Online plus size shopping centre for women ?

I am plus size women .I want some name of online shopping store

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How much weight would I lose if I stopped eating for a week. Plus I'm taking diet pills?

I dont care if its not healthy or not. I have to lose the weight...

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What is 2 plus 2?

Hey Sup I just joined and decided to throw this random question out there. What is 2 plus 2? I want to see how sefistacated and long u can make ur ...

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I got a chemical burn plus an abrasion on my face?

ok i got a chemical burn plas an abrasion on my face from a mr. clean sponge (i had paint on my face and my mom wanted ...

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I need friend codes for my Nintendo! Please!?

My name Karisalynn(If you adding me.) The games I play is Mario kart 7, I need friend codes to chat with plus i got some ...

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