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Nail Hardener?

Can anyone recommend a good nail hardener i take hair and nails tablets but its not much help,i was told bambo and green tea nail polish would work ...

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How do you take nail polish off a drinking glass?

I tried to do nail marble using one of my grandma's drinking glasses but it didn't work for me. I ended up having to take off the nail ...

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Why doesn't my nail polish stay on?

My nail polish comes off like, at the end of the day. Why doesn't it stay on?

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Is it safe to mix two different brands of nail polish remover together?

I have these two nail polish removers, but theyre not made by the same people. both the bottles ...

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Moving to Poland?!?

My dad is canadian, mum is polish/thai but she grew up in Poland. I've been living in Canada since I was born and now, when I'm 15... My ...

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What do you think?

Can I add black nail polish as a food colouring since I don't have a black food coloring for baking ?

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Where do you like to polish your nails?

Where do you like to polish your nails? Do you prefer to polish them at the Desk, Couch, Floor, Table, Bed, etc??

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