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Found Carved Stone in Maidu Area?

Up in the foothills of Nevada city , there are lots of Maidu artifacts like grinding stones. In a dried up pond I found a 2.5" perfectly oval ...

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Need help with a pregnant goldfish!!?

I just got a pregnant goldfish from a friend's pond in order to help her lay the eggs and not have the others eat them. She is so fat, seems ...

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Can a 3 in koi live in a 10 gal tank for a college year?

I have a large 600 gallon pond with 4 koi, except one koi has been beaten by the others to severe injuries. I am treating both the fish and the pond ...

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Should I have a fish tank or a fish pond? Matters of health of fish and company?

I have a fish tank but the fish sometimes get ill in it although I like having them for ...

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Can a small comet goldfish live in a pond with large koi fish?

So currently I have 3 comet goldfish in my aquarium, but I want to put them in my pond which contains of ...

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There 3 temples and 3 ponds .you need to put the same amount neckles?

There are 3 temples and 3 ponds.you need to put the same amount of necklace to the god.You must ...

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Is there any chemical to treat algae for pond in France??If yes please suggest me the chemical name?

My Pond is going to be green and i have used various natural methods ...

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