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Creepy, lizard like white geckos on my porch at night?

I have what I think are albino lizards or geckos on my porch at night. Their poop looks like large mouse or rat poop. I never see them in daytime. ...

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Why is my poop green?

my poop is green

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How do fish poop?

i mean for real i see crap all over the fish tank floating around but no booty holes on the fish, please help

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My poop is too big?

Ok i know this is really gross to talk about but i really need help. I just can't push my poop out it hurts like hell. I know i'm not ...

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Sometimes people can smell poop in my school. I always think it’s me?

Sometimes when I am in class, people say “it smells like s**t!” It mostly happens on ...

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Girl friend left me for other guy but they are not even dating wtf?

hey guys and girls. I need help. I really do. My girl friend and i were very close. we did it all from ...

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How long does it take for a poop to decompose in river water?

Does it take longer than 2 days?

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Why is my 5 month old poodle/golden mix dog pooping in his crate?

He is a rescue and doesn't seem to get housebreaking at all. He poops and pees inside and in his ...

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