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What goverment office does Scott Walker hold ?

And what position did he do early in 2011 that produced controversy and protests in his state ?

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Scalars and vectors?

The position vector of P and Q are 5i+4j+ak and -i+2j-2k respectively. If the distance between them is 7. Find the value of a.

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How can I get my girlfriend to try different sexual positions?

We have had sex a couple times, but only in one position.

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If everything depends on my actions/deeds then what is the effect of praying/rituals/astrology n all

Now I'm losing faith after realising that everything depends on ...

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What Soccer Position Should I Play?

I have been playing soccer since I was 10 years old, I only played house league until I turned 13, then I started playing for a league ...

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I have this really good "female friend" and I'm kinda in an odd position?

So me and this girl have been friends for about 4 years and I adore her as a friend but for the ...

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Is my husband's employer required to compensate him for gas & mileage?

... My husband was offered and accepted a position at a certain location. We moved about 2 miles ...

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