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What to Expect: Mixing Viagra and Modafinil?

If I take modafinil and Viagra, what can I expect? I know there can be minor interaction and some side effects, but what are some of the positive ...

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What episode of “The Walking Dead” does Carol offer to “do it” with Daryl but he just laughs

... at her? I think it was on Season 2, and they were on top of Dale’s trailer thing, but I’m not positive. I can’t seem to find ...

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I'm 13 years old and I havent started my period and have NO boobs. What can I do to make them grow?

I am premature by 3 months. I have been having some pains in my ...

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How can I make the world a better place?

To me, this means reducing human suffering and ignorance. What I'm interested in are practical ways to make a dramatic ...

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Is it posible to have one religion in the world ?

please tell me some positive

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How many positive integers less than 101 are multiples of either 5 or 7, but not both at once?

This is a math problem that I need help on!!

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I told my crush that I liked him and he said that's pretty cool. Help?

I'm not sure if he likes me back, when he found out that I liked him he seemed pretty positive ...

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